Resume Doctor & Career Coach

If you're not getting interviews or landing the job then your resume and overall approach are probably to blame

"Headhunter to the Stars" Brian Daniel is the founder of The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, one of the world's top recruiting agencies for celebrities, VIP families, and other industry leaders.  As a career coach and resume doctor, he has helped countless job seekers land dream jobs -- simply by changing their resume and overall approach.  Other "resume doctors" charge much more and don't even include any one-one-one consultations!  Note: Brian Daniel's consultations can be conducted by phone, in-person, or by Skype to anyone in the world. 

The Deluxe Package: $400
Now only $300 until Aug 31

This package includes a complete revamp of your resume as well as a 60 minuite one-on-one session with career coach Brian Daniel to explain:

  • What fonts should be used and why
  • Why modern formatting is important
  • What should be included on your resume
  • What should never be included on your resume
  • What's wrong with your current resume
  • Common mistakes to avoid on resumes
  • When to submit a paper resume and what type of paper should be used (and never used)

The Premier Package: $600
Now only $500 until Aug 31

Everything the Deluxe Package has and a 2-hour coaching session with Brian Daniel to discuss:

  • How to prepare for interviews
  • How to penetrate the hidden job market
  • Customized career strategies for you
  • How to customize your resume for jobs
  • What to wear to what types of interviews
  • How to follow-up without being a pest
  • How to customize a cover letter 
  • What HR managers really want to hear
  • Secrets recruiters use to find out about you
  • How to answer double-edged questions
  • How to beat more experienced candidates
  • How to avoid getting stumped
  • Salary negotiation: getting the max
  • How to turn liabilities into assets
  • No questions or topics are off-limits
  • And much more...